Overheard Conversations #04

I was walking by the river this afternoon. The sun was in the sky, which meant that I couldn’t really read the Reacher book on my dull old smartphone screen so I turned to my backup book – the kind they print on paper.

I passed this person and that as I strolled. Although I was immersed in a book, I have these long legs that I like to stretch out. And despite relying on my peripheral vision for navigation – I very seldom fall into the water.

So I passed this one girl walking with her parents and I glanced over. The girl had curly hair of a vibrant reddish hue and the biggest, cutest grin on her face as her eyes met mine. She was leaning over towards me in her enthusiasm to be seen. I smiled back. As you do.

Her father, noticing his daughter’s unrestrained good humour in my direction said, with no less of a smile in his own voice, “stop your flirtingΒ now, girl!

I chuckled. And the girl’s mother chuckled in turn.

I walked on, immersed once more in my book. And behind me, mother and father continued to stroll by the river; pushing along their sweet, auburn-haired toddler who was now burbling away happily in her pram.


25 thoughts on “Overheard Conversations #04

  1. Indeed, very cute.
    Now I am wondering; how do you do that…read and walk at the same time? I never tried it before, but I suspect I would get ‘walk-sick’ ( similar to those people who get sick at sea)…

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