Famous People Blogs

Are you famous? Do you live the life of a celebrity? Is reading blogs your way of escaping the spotlight and having a bit of me time away from the public gaze?

I reckon that if all the above applied to me then I’d be glad to sit here and type out my humdrum thoughts without risk of them being splashed across the pages of Tatler or Vanity Fair.

Then again, perhaps I am. Maybe I’m tired of no-one recognising me for who I really am. It would be okay if you knew this much. Because there’s no way you could find my true identity. I’m safe, so long as I don’t tell you my real name, right?


30 thoughts on “Famous People Blogs

  1. I’m the Dali Llama.

    Jk 🤥😁

    That is a fun concept, that maybe one of my favorite celebrities is taking the time to read my scribbles and chatting with me in the comments.
    I suppose now I’ll be suspicious of everyone. Haha

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