How to Stay Alive

This is a challenging world and we’re living through dangerous times. People die all the time and it’s good that you’re reading this, because that means you haven’t joined their ranks.

Here are a few essential tips on how to stay alive:

  • Keep breathing
  • Eat food
  • Drink.

Okay – that should keep you going for now.

No, of course I’m not drunk!


52 thoughts on “How to Stay Alive

  1. Its true. Life has become very fragile times. People now live shorter lives generally become also of all the insecurities and all sorts of illnesses. Its the high time that people turn inwards to discover the missing link in their lives.
    If more people get to awaken then the collective good and merit also increases automatically and eventually situations begin to ease.
    Other than the ordinary ways of life, there is an urgent for persons to singlemindedly begin to search inside of themselves for the Divine .

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