Wide Awake and Torn

I’m at a time in my writing where I’m torn between overexpressing and writing spare prose that barely says what it needs to (and yes, I’m aware of what I did there). Consequently, I’m not sure where to go next. Purple prose is either wonderful or awful.

I suppose that life is full of camps. Some prefer verbose and others prefer spartan. At the end of the day, when it comes to expressing yourself, it doesn’t matter which style you choose. You’ll find the audience that loves you. The rest will go elsewhere.

And now, I’ll hop off the fence. But on which side, my friend, which side!


(Kind of inspired by GraVity – Lunarian Thoughts)

44 thoughts on “Wide Awake and Torn

  1. I’m in the spare camp during the first draft. In subsequent drafts/rewrites, however, I attempt to inject a level of clarity into the prose that can sometimes end up being quite beautiful. Beautiful in the minimalist sense of Japanese interior design: few words but each one the perfect word for that moment.
    Of course, the practice is rarely as pretty as the ideal. :/

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