Things Not To Blog About

Here are a few things that I have found that it’s best not to blog about:

  • Meditation (because everyone has their own method and some people are quite precious about their way)
  • Sex (because despite it being a world obsession, WordPress people are pure and nice and hardly ever indulge)
  • Depression (because it brings me down when I talk about my darker side and people start to worry about me)
  • Politics (because the subject doesn’t interest me at all and so why should I talk about uninteresting things?)
  • Grooming (because … well, actually, I’m not sure why not, because I’ve never actually tried to write about it).

47 thoughts on “Things Not To Blog About

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    • Another one! 🙂
      Hope you’re not planning to make a huge career out of this because I’m going to compile all this into books at some stage. The posts may (or may not) disappear at that point. 🙂


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