You are a Writer

Worried about whether you are really a writer? Well fret no more – you are, indeed, a member of that illustrious breed. And here’s why.

You can call yourself a writer if you write. Even if it’s just a shopping list. A writer is someone who writes – period.

I think that the confusion as to whether one is a writer or not arises when adjectives come into play.

Some people are good writers, some are casual writers, some are prolific writers, some are professional writers, some are crap writers, some are hyperbolic writers and some are critical writers. At the end of the day, though – they are all writers.

So rest easy. Even if you have never written a word in your life (and that would be a massive stretch) all that it would take for you to become a writer right now is to click on Comment below this post and say hi.

Looking forward to chatting to you.

116 thoughts on “You are a Writer

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  2. Great post! Sometimes, I think we just need a little encouragement that yes, we are writers, even if we’re not writing at the level we want to be.

    By the way, you might be interested in our Writers Club. It’s designed to help writers in the “writing aspects” they might not enjoy, offering free editing, marketing, and other services so they can get back to writing (even if it’s just writing comments on other people’s posts). 🙂

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    • Thanks, Andrea – it’s good to get that kind of feedback. Glad to be able to encourage a fellow writer. 🙂
      I am interested in any Writing Club, but before I visit let me ask you a question – how open are you members to publishing their work in book form?
      Hope your day is going well. There’s snow on the ground here in the UK and they’ve started to play Christmas songs on the radio – I’ll let you to draw your own conclusions about whether that constitutes a good day in the frozen wastes of Northern England. 😉
      Kindness – Robert.

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      • It sounds lovely…but we’re short on snow in the Pacific Nw, as usual. 🙂

        Most members do write their own stories in book form and use the club to help with certain aspects–query critiques, blurb editing, book promotion, etc. Those who self publish may be drawn more to the free editing while those who are aiming for the traditional route like the query critiques, and the writing articles and beta reader match-ups can help everyone. The site is free to visit and would probably explain your questions in further detail, but if you have any further inquiries, let me know.

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