To Do List – 14 Sep 2017

Things I need to do but can’t seem to get around to:

  • Take home a plant that I’ve had in the office here for more than a decade. It’s a Peace Lily and it looks like it’s suffering badly now. It needs new soil, more sunlight and a gentler environment. Remind me to take it my arms, carry it home and give it some TLC.
  • Publish something. Anything! I need to bring something up to a standard that can be enjoyed by an audience of millions. I mean, I’ve written loads of stuff, but … I don’t know. I’m not sure it’s good enough. You know?
  • Stop reading so much. It’s getting to be like it’s just one book after another. I keep buying more and more books and so it feels now like I’m drowning in the obligation to read them. It’s not as if I’m discriminating in my tastes either. Some of the books I read just bore me, but I still finish them. Not sure what’s driving me. Fear of being unoccupied?
  • Go and pee. Yeah, that old cookie. I’ve been sat here for the last hour just bursting for a pee and … okay, that’s it – I’m gone.

58 thoughts on “To Do List – 14 Sep 2017

  1. Well, the same funny thing happened to my Peace Lily after I got “her” home. She has been in bloom for over a month now and the happiness she breathes can be bottled up for winter 🙂
    Your standard in writing will be my inspiration.
    Have a blissful day!

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  2. You’ve had a plant in the office for more than a decade? Wow! I’ve never … oh wait, I’ve never worked anywhere for more than … better not say exactly how long, but it’s more than two years and less than
    five. 😉
    Are you thinking of self, indie, or traditional publishing? (I highly doubt the latter.) A book of your poetry would be great … plus, you already came up with a title! 😊

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  3. My peace lilies are getting huge. Plants always seemed to do well when I worked in an office (maybe it was the gardeners who came in on the sly) now I have a sunroom and its very kind year round to my plants. There is something satisfying about a to do list you can cross items off of, so perhaps they should all include taking a bathroom break. Check and ahh…

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