It Was Okay

The meal last night went without a hitch. We all met at six and walked around the corner to the restaurant (another word I have difficulty spelling). Alcohol flowed and voices got louder. Food came and we ate and voices got louder still.

I was interested for a while and my voice got loud too, even though I was drinking water, but there came a point where it seemed to me that it was all a little too boorish. Seemed to me that people were talking louder and louder just be to be heard and to get their (oh so precious) point over.

One of the managers just seemed to take over (fuelled by alcohol and ego no doubt) and the rest of us just gave up. The big boss busied himself with messages on his phone; the other manager began to make agreement sounds (hmm, hmm); one of the programmers just carried on being as quiet as he always was; the other programmer kept smiling and nodding, but not saying much; and I just recorded my impressions so that I could write them up the next day (aka now).

So, all in all – it was okay. I even got an early night.

(follows on from The faint hope that it’ll be okay)


16 thoughts on “It Was Okay

      • Umm….. I had one or two sips of bear from my dad’s friend. Just to taste what was so great about this. It was plain aweful! Like the juice of some aweful fruit that my maid had made me drink when I was sick.
        But I haven’t really ever thought about the subject. But why do you say no?

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      • Yeah, it’s horrid!
        I don’t know – I guess I say no because I don’t. But I’m glad I was able to choose myself. And I’m glad I had the experience so that I can say I chose after looking at the evidence. And now I can say that not drinking is better. It’s like I can say that I enjoy the sun because I’ve endured the night. (bad example for someone who doesn’t like the climate of India probably)

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      • I don’t think I’ll try it. I really wanted too, though. It’s because, before my cousin’s wedding, there was a cocktail party and everyone was older than me and drinking. I didn’t want to go, but I had to because it was ‘family’. So, I went and all my cousins and sister avoided me and stuff because I was ‘young’ and made fun and stuff like that. So…. You get it.
        No, the problem is, with the sea, ocean, mountains, forests, desert, rivers and stuff, India has different climates in places. I like the climate here, but not what global warming is doing to it. And well, I love the night as much as the day because at night I draw and in the morning I write, or the opposite. But I get what you mean 😁

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      • Yeah, I get it. Peer pressure and all of that. You’re mature enough to know what it is and to go beyond. It’s one of the benefits of being (or feeling) ‘different’ – it’s a good training in how to stand on your own two feet and make your own decisions. You’ll be alright.
        Never thought about what global warming has done to my local weather. I should, shouldn’t I. Sheesh, I’m just so stuck in … a place.
        I like it where I am so much. I don’t want to stop enjoying life just because it might (maybe) end one day. 😀

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      • Ya. I was jealous that they could drink and I couldn’t. I didn’t like it that they were making fun of me for that. Maybe that’s why I’ll never grow to like them. I love them, a lot. But maybe I won’t be able to like them anytime soon.
        I hope you are right.
        That’s great. Live life to the fullest!!

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