Can’t Share my Dream with You

Just had a flashback of a dream I had this morning. Can’t share it with you. Too rude. With a capital R. You’ll just have to imagine.

It was so entertaining that I switched the alarm off, put my head back in the same position on the pillow and went back to sleep for another three quarters of an hour. Almost got back into the dream. It was like I was walking around outside – peering through the window at the scenes. Strange sensation.

Have you ever gotten back into a dream successfully?


16 thoughts on “Can’t Share my Dream with You

  1. Rude dream, huh? How fascinating. 😉
    Only rarely have I been able to fall back into a dream after waking up, but it only works for a few moments. My hypothesis is that my conscious mind paying such close attention to the dream makes my subconscious mind shy (i.e. self-conscious 😉), causing the dream to disintegrate.

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