39 thoughts on “How to Attract New Followers by Doing Nothing

  1. I have wondered how people manage to stumble into my blog. I have merely guessed that as people scan their reader they stop at the recommended posts read and follow those that interest them. How one (blogger) might end up there, I cannot say. It’s just a guess.

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    • I could write a whole blog post on what I do to proactively attract visitors to my blog (and maybe I will) but I know by experimenting on different blogs (I have about six) that if you don’t reach out and interact with other blogs (with a Like, Comment or Follow) then people seldom find you, even if your content is interesting, useful or beautiful. Maybe they stumble across you on the Reader, as you say.
      I reckon it’s a social thang: reach out and the world reaches back, or something like that.
      I also know that people forget you pretty quickly. I have one blog that has 1200+ followers that I stopped posting on ten months ago and another with 790+ followers (this one) that I stopped posting on two months ago. When I restarted posting on both blogs, the people on this one showed the strongest response, whereas take-up on the older one (with the most followers) has been a lot slower. Maybe two months is too short a time to forget me, but ten months is long enough for me to fall from memory.

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  2. Noooooo, I’m never with the end thing, hate it. All good things must end I know, but still don’t like it. And is it always about the closure? Artists like Da Vinci, Klimt, Picasso gained fame even when they were alive. But, Van Gogh didn’t. It’s a very confusing thing with people. Urgh! Then don’t know what they want and contradict themselves.

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    • Is that still true if I’m also a mechanical wind-up chicken at the weekend?
      No, but seriously – I do get wound up and I am a coward when it comes to certain kinds of emotional connections and … hmm, what about the mechanical part. I’m anything but that. Okay, disregard all I’ve said – it’s probably impossible to reply to.
      Seriously, seriously, I’m on the verge of agreeing with you. Tell me – are you a Virgo?


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