Life By Squares – A1

I have a week off work. Not going anywhere so I thought I’d see a little of where I live. I printed off a map from a handy website and, armed with a yellow highlighter pen, set off this morning – about an hour ago.

I’m now in the library (oh, sorry – Clifton Explore – after a re-branding exercise) – just off the top edge of this map:


As you can see, I’ve covered (and coloured) the first square.

I’ve taken the liberty of sharing some photographs I took as I wandered the streets in the rain – I hope you don’t mind. My soundtrack? Lee Child’s The Affair, which features Jack Reacher who, as I walked, made his second kill of the novel – righteously of course!

My first photo was taken halfway down Fairway and it was this one that set the tone and theme for the rest – the battle between man and nature:


Yeah, I know – it’s just a wall with moss on it, but think what it would be like in a few decades time if we all disappeared. I bet there’d be more moss than brick at that point.

Next up is a sad looking tree taken at the end of the short road off Rawcliffe Lane:


I don’t think it’s a (weeping) willow, but it looks to me like tears have fallen on the page and washed the branches downwards like ink running in the rain. Yeah, remind me not to try poetical again – it don’t suit me that much.

Next up is another tree that caught my attention on Shipton Road:


I just like how stark it is against the sky. If you work up a sweat in your imagination, you can see it as cracks in the sky. You’ll have to work real hard, though – these visions don’t come for free!

Taking a break from trees for a moment, at the end of that little dead-end off Shipton Road I snapped something that was much closer to my feet:


There’s so much in this snap – remnants of autumn (the brown leaves lain slain), intimations of spring (the green grass struggling through), the fertility of England (aka mud) and the don’t-care-about-any-of-that attitude of man (yep, you got it – the tyre-tracks). Never mind – in a couple of month, nature will have its way.

Back to the skies for the next photo, which was taken at the junction of the A19 and Malton Way:


Not so long back, this was a magnificent specimen of treeness – tall and proud – stretching toward the heavens – embracing the whole junction. And yet now? That said, though – even as a mere stump of its former glory, just think how many small, white cars you could fit inside it!

And finally, a photograph from this very building:


You could, if you were so inclined, say that this is where all the trees ended up (well, some of ’em) – bound and stacked on shelves – made to serve the needs of man. On the other hand – this is also our future. This is what we bequeath to the universe. This is our knowledge and our inheritance. Yay!

And now I’m trying to think of something catchy to say about the weight of angels, just to finish off the piece in a philosophically rounded way. But maybe you can help me with that. What do you think? Do angels watch over us at all? Or are we just heading down, down, down.

Hope you’re having a beautiful day – whatever the verdict.

30 thoughts on “Life By Squares – A1

    • Hey, thanks for that! I did think it looked a bit Silver Birchish but I wasn’t sure. 🙂
      What made you mention the small? I only ask because you’re the second person to say that.
      Kindness – Robert.


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