Life by Squares – F5

More wanderings, photographs and a new grid reference from me.

I took (and shook) a couple of dice and they pointed me to F5 yesterday, so off I went:


Entering the area from James Street told me something about the map I was using: it was out of date. There are some new streets there and so I had a decision to make – should I stick with the map or let reality mould my meanderings. I chose map – mainly because it was almost zero celsius and there were a lot of streets already in this square. Mercy!

The first thing that took my attention was at the end of Elvington Terrace. The sun was trying to grapple its way through the clouds. I saw a skinny tree embracing the top of a church and so I tried to catch it all:


Well, two out of three ain’t bad – right?

Arbitrarily I decided that I would look for God on this trip. I had my doubts as to how successful I was going to be as I loaded up Spotify for the day with the 1Xtra Playlist, but as the first track began I knew I was onto something. It was God’s Plan by Drake. Nuff said.

So what’s up next? Ah yeah – a saint:


Yep, it’s the famous St. Farrar – patron saint of brick walls. No prizes for guessing which street this one was on.

Okay, moving swiftly on up the same street:


I just liked the perspective thing going on here – the way everything converges on one point. Well, on one little orange house. Anyway, some religions say that God isn’t so much an old bloke in the clouds but more like a point of light. Yeah, I know – it’s a kinda fragile way of sticking to a theme, but there you go.

I know what you’re thinking – just show me the trees, right? Here you go then:


In an area of back to back terraces, Bull Lane came as a bit of surprise because it featured a whole slew of nice, big trees running up the middle. Plus – bonus – there’s a few wee patches of blue sky here too!

It was at this point that I started to become aware that I would need to pee pretty soon and there were no toilets scattered in an amongst the trees. Ah to be a dog!

Half an hour later, I was way (way, way) out of my comfort zone and when I saw this sight off to the left of Heslington Road (the arrow on the map marks the spot) I had to go for it:


Just thank yourself lucky that I posted this shot rather than one of a wet patch on a fence and a puddle on the ground. And in case you’re wondering – yes, I washed my hands – the wet grass obliged very nicely thanks.

The toes of my boots did look rather spotted, though, when I emerged from the bushes. That could have been the wet grass, but either way – what a fantastic link to the next snap:


Geddit? My last name’s Day! Aw, c’mon!

The sun was going down as I headed home and so I couldn’t resist taking a few photographs of that. This, in my humble opinion, is the best of those:


It wasn’t in the grid-reference of the day (it was actually the view across Clifton Green) but still, it was a lovely note to end the walk on.

On a completely unrelated note – does anyone know why houses never seem to stand up straight in photographs? Are they drunk!


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