Life by Squares – B6

The dice have spoken and consequently (or is it subsequently) I have walked the streets of Holgate, which is a very nice part of York. It features a racecourse (horses), allotments, a hill (rare in York) and sunshine (limited offer only). As usual, I used the map I found on this site to aid me. This is a snap of the part I explored:


As I said, this a much nicer part of town than … some of the others. It’s older and grander and there’s more greenery here. In fact, there’s so much plant-life that they even use it to cunningly disguise the street furniture:


That was on Scarcroft Road, just by the side of the bowling green.

Across the road is the hill I mentioned – Scarcroft Hill to be precise:


Believe it or not, this is probably one of the steepest places in the whole of York, which is, on the whole, very flat (and slightly boring for it). I was born in Sheffield and the hilly nature of the city (seven of them (like Rome)) is one of the things I miss about it. The views are amazing, you see.

Further on up the hill, I couldn’t help noticing that the sun was shining. I think it was the fact that I started to sweat that alerted me. The temperature was hovering just above zero degrees Celsius today, but it didn’t feel anything like as low as that. Any-which-way-on – here’s a snap I took of the sun whilst in the shade of a skinny tree:


Look – there’s a rainbow that I made! As per normal, the houses are drunk in my photographs. Do you think it’s a setting on my camera that I need to change? Or perhaps I need to wean them off the alcohol. And hey – you think that’s a UFO in the sky there?

You know what? It looked so positively springlike today so I went in search of something green, and I found it at the end of St James Mount:


Ain’t that just beautiful! My memory reliably informs me that this is a Rhododendron bush. Unfortunately, it couldn’t tell me how to spell that word so thank you Mr Dictionary for correcting me.

I was on Aldemarle Road when this whole bunch of car-shadows caught my eye, but when I look at the photo now, I reckon that real life was much better so I’m going to show you a field instead. Oh, wait – skip that – it looks really boring on screen. How about this instead:


It’s a view from Tadcaster Road across Knavesmire of the York Racecourse. And there are trees in it too!

And, sticking with the trees for now – here’s a picture of another weeping birch from the north-western end of St. Aubyn’s Place:


I gots love me a weeping birch! Yeah, that phrase makes no sense to me neither, but I reckon that this tree will look truly spectacular in the spring.


I was at the bottom curve (behave now!) of Trentholme Drive when I got to thinking about buds. I couldn’t see any on the trees and bushes that died back in winter, but on close examination, there were plenty of buds and flowers elsewhere. In fact, in the next photo, you can see three stages of development all in one:


I don’t know the proper terms, but there’s pre-flowers, flowers and … post-flowers – all on the same plant. Isn’t nature marvellous!

Did you ever read a book called The Secret Garden? No, me neither, but the image still sticks in my mind, and this is the kind of sight, further down Tadcaster Road, that epitomises it for me:


And with that, I’ll bid you au-revoir – thanks for keeping me company on my trip to B6 in York.

Let’s hope the weather is good tomorrow.


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