Life by Squares – B5

Strange that the dice today sent me to an adjacent square to yesterday. Same, but very different. Closer to town and so not quite as prosperous. Busier. More security conscious. The original map came from here and the part of it I walked through is below:


The first photo is at probably one of the busiest junctions of the city, and certainly the widest so you’re probably thinking to yourself ‘where are all the cars!’ Well, I waited and waited (and waited again) at the side of the road until they had all gone, and then I walked right into the middle of Blossom Street and took this:


Right in the middle of the picture is Micklegate Bar, one of York’s four main medieval gateways. York is completely surrounded by walls and this is part of the defences and still one of the few ways to get into the city centre. The only thing it needs to defend us against these days is drunken Geordies – not to keep them out – but to stop them wandering off and getting lost.

In fact, this area seems remarkably security conscious. I took the next photo from The Crescent (at the back of the newly refurbished Everyman Cinema, in which you sit on comfy couches to watch your movie (at a mere £27 (or thereabouts) per couple)):


If I were a burglar, I would be absolutely itching to get into this building – just to see what all the fuss was about!

Up next – blossoms! Appropriately enough I saw these on Park Street, which is just off Blossom Street! Isn’t life just full of these wonderful coincidences? Okay, okay – on with the photo:


It was quite an overcast day (or, to eliminate the adjective and make the verb do the heavy lifting (like what they teach us in writing classes)) the sky cast me under its overness (good, eh!) and so the colours didn’t quite pop as much as they would have on a sunshiny day (a day in which the sun shone shinily).

Anyway – moving swiftly on.

One of the best features of this area is all the snickleways, byways, snickets, ginnels, gennels and back passages between buildings. There are loads of them around here and to find one is like finding a secret passage to another dimension. Here’s one that I never suspected existed. It’s called Mount Parade and, as a bonus, shows off some wonderfully inventive back-yards (but not in this snap):


And look how immaculately it’s maintained – not a single piece of litter down there!

Next up is something that I’ve driven over (or maybe under) many, many times without a backward glance, and yet when I walked over it today it made me think ‘now that is a feature!’ It’s an iron bridge (well, duh!) over the railway line on Holgate Road. Again, I had to wait for the traffic to stop so that I could stand in the middle of the road to get this shot (you’re welcome). Here it is:


Isn’t that fab?! And yes – it’s probably the ugliest bridge I’ve ever seen too. A bridge only its mother could love, right?

Just around the corner from the bridge, on Railway Terrace, is a poster that says (something like) if’n you don’t like the way people are covering things with graffiti then you can get upset about it. Directly opposite the poster, this wonderfully artistic thing caught my eye:


Well, I like it anyway.

To finish off for the day, I present you with a panoramic view of St Paul’s Square, which looks wonderful in summer (I went on Street View on Google Maps (you know – that thing where you pick up the delightfully wriggly yellow man and drop him somewhere on a Google Map) and had a look) but slightly less so in winter. Still – it’s the best little square of terraces I’ve seen for a good while:


And then I set off at a brisk trot for the nearest loo, for I was sore in need! Typically, I then bumped into an old friend (hi Ann) just around the corner and spent the longest ten minutes of my life dancing from foot to foot while we caught up and set the world to rights. Life!


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