Life by Squares – B4

I have no idea what kind of a game these dice are playing with me – they have sent me, in succession, to B6, B5 and now B4! There’s not actually much in this square when it comes to public roads, but there is a railway station and, around the back, a heck of a lot of boarded-up buildings. As usual – this is where the map came from and below is where I wandered today:


Here’s a picture of one of the tunnels underneath the railway station:


Actually, when I say tunnel that makes it sound a lot more mysterious than it is. What you’re really looking at is where the pigeons used to live before they installed those little plastic spikes all along the edges. Now it’s just an underpass. The railway station is still above your head, but it’s hardly a tunnel.

Despite the appearance of light in the last photo, it was a rather grey morning, and so when I saw the following strip of blue sky, I had to stop and capture it for posterity:


That was the south view from Leeman Road. All that land belongs to the railway. I’m sure you’re excited to learn that.

I walked past a lot of seemingly abandoned and begrimed buildings before I found anything else worth snapping, and even then, it was only pebbles:


I dunno – I guess it was because they looked clean and fresh. And those green things in-between? Them ain’t weeds – that is nature in (some of her) beauty.

Then I saw a puddle:


Getting a bit arty there, right!

Then, all of a sudden, this massive flock of pigeons flew by! I whipped up my camera like lightning, but by the time I’d pushed the button – this is all I got:


Still – you can imagine, right? Thousands upon thousands of them – darkening the sky, blotting out the sun and turning the pavements white with their … ahem, that’ll do.

Back to the arty shots:


I just love how many layers there are in this photograph – bridge, trees, wires, railway station, hotel and beyond that the all-encompassing sky. Goshdarnit – someone should give me a prize or something!

Technically, the next shot is in C4, but still – it’s a pretty sky. And I likes me a pretty sky:


Nice tree too.

Finally, I couldn’t let you get away without showing you what the railway station looks like from inside. I actually tried to frame this shot several times before I finally got this using the panorama tool:


In case you’re wondering what it is – it’s the roof.

There. That’s it. I’m typing this in the library (York Explore) with the sun shining in my eyes. But I don’t care – it’s the sun and it’s warm and it’s making me feel mellow.

Edit: just realised that it’s been hours since I had to pee (unlike the other days when I could barely last a couple of hours). The difference? I had a couple of slices of toast for breakfast instead of cereal. I reckon it’s something to do with the sugar content. And no, I don’t have diabetes – I went and got myself tested. 🙂


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