Life by Squares – C4

I really enjoyed this walk around York because it happened as it was getting dark. I’ve never done a night walk before and so I started off feeling a little trepidatious, but as it turned out – it was wonderful. You might think that it would have been difficult to take photo’s in the dark but, as you’ll see – it’s easy!

Here’s the area I walked:


That map’s starting to get a bit tatty. I hope it’ll last the course.

I began with a few snaps of Christmas decorations (yeah, I know it’s February) but they look a bit lame so let’s skip straight to the good stuff. This is the Holy Trinity Church, which is on Micklegate:


The scene originally caught my eye because of all the flowers (snowdrops?) on the grass – the ones that look like snow, but when I got them into the frame I spotted how nice and warm the colours of the church are – so I took a picture of that instead too.

Parallel to Micklegate is Toft Green. It’s the road you use to access all the back doors and make deliveries and stuff. Across the road is the council building. And attached to that is this:


I guess it’s a bicycle shed, but look at those colours! It’s like a warm cave – a harbour in the night – a place where you can sit around the campfire and scoff at all the wolf and bear noises happening in the distance. Put the baked beans on, Ma!

Further down the same road is this fence:


There was a car parked at the bottom with headlights on, and the fence was reflecting the light. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but you can just about see the effect. The building on the left hosts the council offices.

I suppose you’ve been noticing that gorgeous sky. The colours in the photos are actually quite close to how it was. This is the view from the bottom of Toft Green:


Fairy-tale castle, right?

Around the corner from that is Station Road – the venue for what is probably my favourite shot of the evening. If you look at the map you can see that this is a view of trees over the city wall:


But oh – just look at the colour of that sky! Beautiful, right!

When I came to Lendal Bridge I could not resist taking this photograph of the Ouse:


You can just about see where the sun set an hour or so before. It’s that reddish tinge in the sky. I love this place. Love this photograph. Love the light.

And talking about light – I walked over the bridge and descended down to the riverside. That’s where I took the next photograph. Just look at that:


Isn’t light just the most beautiful thing ever! Without it none of these photos would exist. Without light, we wouldn’t exist. Love the light.

And that’s it. I walked further on, but down darker streets – and you wouldn’t want to follow me down there now would you!


10 thoughts on “Life by Squares – C4

  1. You really have got an awesome view! 😍😃😃 They are so nice pics. Loved that reflection on water one! I tried take that kinda pic one day but i didn’t had a good camera. 😐
    Missed my chance lol. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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