Life by Squares – C3

I don’t think that clouds are particularly lonely. Quite aside from the fact that they don’t have feelings, they actually have plenty of company. It’s rare to see a single cloud – especially here in England. No – it was me who was lonely today as I wandered around York.

Again, I chose a grid that was on the way home. And again, it was cold. Nothing new there, but today – I don’t know – I felt more isolated than usual as I walked along these roads:


There’s a lot of conventionally touristy things to see here. There’s Bootham Bar, St Peter’s School (dating from 627AD), the Theatre Royal, York Art Gallery and endless plaques celebrating the lives of people like W H Auden who lived in the fair city of York.

But, typically, I’m going to ignore all this and let you in on some shocking news. Smack in the middle of the pavement, right outside the newly converted flats (that went for a cool £million apiece) on St Leonards Place is this insidious little article:


Yes, that’s right, my friends – it’s a camera lens! Unbeknownst to us all, the Antipodians, who are at the other ends of this pipe, are taking photographs up the skirts of the unsuspecting (and fair) maidens of England! I have no words to describe my utter indignation that they thought of this before me! But don’t worry my fine furry friends – I have a plan!

But for now – here’s a shot of the York Minster basking in the sun as it peeks over the top of some buildings on High Petergate:


Pretty huh!

And here’s something a little artier from a little further down the same road:


I think you can guess what it is.

I took a few more shots after that on various roads, but they’re a bit unimaginative so I left them out. To be honest, I was hoping to get something nice out of the setting sun, but I arrived a little too late to see it. If I had climbed the Minster I would have got it – but ’twas not to be today. Instead, you get this from Earlsborough Terrace:


Yep, that’s right – a telegraph pole. And some wires. They generally don’t put poles up these days; especially not in the middle of town. The wires are mostly all put into ducts you see. So – feast your eyes while you can.

And on I walked – as lonely as a … notthecloud. To be honest with you, once you eliminate the conventional things in this area, like historical buildings, then you’re left with slim pickings. Point in case – here’s a wall on Grosvenor Terrace:


Behind it is a railway line, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s a wall. Actually, there are two tracks behind this wall – one shiny and one rusty. Wonder why they just use one of them these days. Cost cutting exercise?

York City Football Club is around here (on Bootham Crescent) but it’s a bit too ugly to photograph. Sorry, Minstermen fans.

Hey, I just remembered – I wrote my first novel about these streets. It’s called Behind Bootham. And no, you can’t buy it. Not just yet. So, after crossing the self-same Bootham, I entered Queen Anne’s Road. Here I picked up (yeah, no – not literally) on the spoor of that animal known as the Greater-spotted Student:


Yep – empty alcohol and pizza receptacles! Not sure which venerable establishment they would be students of; but St. Peter’s School is just down the road and York St. John’s University is not that far away either.

Just where Bootham ends and Clifton begins is The Grange Hotel (£88 a night if you fancy it), and here’s one the windows of said establishment:


Not sure why they haven’t taken the Christmas decorations down yet, but – hey-ho – it’s still only February. It’s a real purdy effect though, right?

Last shot of the day was from St. Olave’s Road:


Usually, I have no luck with cats. As soon as I reach for my camera – they leg it; but this time, I sneaked up really, really slowly under cover of shrubbery, and I got that fine furry feline just right. Of course, I also got a lot of reflection in the glass of the window too – but I think it only adds to the charm of the shot – what do you reckon?


21 thoughts on “Life by Squares – C3

  1. Some really cool shots today! I saw a newspaper article once that said if your Christmas lights were still up at the end of February you were officially white trash. You might want to pass that along! We actually have a village ordnance that specifies when Christmas lights have to be down or I guess you can get a fine…

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  2. Cloud may or may not have feelings … we can’t know for sure, can we?
    Remind me not to wear a skirt if I’m ever in York.
    Impressive shot of the reflection of York Minster in the puddle!
    Love the pic of the feline (then again, I love most photos of cats). Since it’s a calico cat, I’m 80% sure it’s female.

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