Life by Squares – A4

I arrived at work ultra-late this morning (9:40am when I generally work from 8 ’til 4). The reason for this is that today, I decided to wander around York early rather than late.

I choose somewhere with few roads so that I wouldn’t be uber-ultra-late, so this is where I went this morning:


Not much to go on, right? Well, wrong, actually! There’s a whole post-industrial feel to this landscape that reminds me strongly of where I grew up in Sheffield and this gave me some interesting shots. Whether you feel the same is open to debate.

Coming around the corner into Leeman Road, my back to the railway bridge (see above) I came across one of my favourite subjects. Yep – it’s another tree:


When I take shots of trees I like to get the branches outlined nicely against the sky, with no other structures getting in the way and I nearly almost got that here. Love the stark shadows here and the way the sun nestles, nice and polite, into the fence.

Note to self: find out why buildings, fences and poles always seem to lean into my photos.

Sad indicator of … something or other:


I have mixed feelings about this empty billboard. On the one hand it’s sad to see evidence of the decline of the economy, yet on the other it’s nice to see a check to the rampant consumerism that plagues the world. It’d be nice if we could slow down and take a rest. Not sure how we could do that and still have a good standard of living, but there must be a way, right? Anybody?

Seemed to me like this is an odd place to put a bench:


I mean – it’s not as if there’s much of a view here! Still, you can’t knock a bit of shade from the sunshine and rest from the rat-race. Picture the locals meeting to sit and have a chin-wag, oblivious to time and circumstance and I guess you’ve got the point. Maybe.

There’s only one side-street showing on this map, whereas in reality, there are several. I walked down a couple of them and found this at the end of Carlisle Street:


Actually, seen from this angle, the photo doesn’t really show what I wanted it to, but just over the fence, behind the bike, is a little playground. It’s made entirely of tyres that are partly buried in the ground, and gone-to-seed grass hummocks.

You might say to yourself ‘how sad’ but it’s actually miles better than what we had as kids. We had a bit of spare ground that must have looked like a rubbish tip to the casual observer. We (the kids on that street) used to range far and wide and drag all sorts of things back to that bit of scrubland: old carpets from skips, wood from building sites and galvanised sheets from who knows where! The first objective was to build dens. We put ’em up, scroamed around in ’em and tore ’em down with manic intensity and regularity. Then, when bonfire night (remember, remember the 5th of November) came around – everything was used to build the bonfire that everyone on the street came to. And then – we’d start all over again. Anyway – that little playground reminded me of all that.

I took a photo of a couple of rubber bands, and then another of an iced-over puddle, but instead of showing you those, I’ll leave you with this:


No caption necessary.


12 thoughts on “Life by Squares – A4

  1. It’s always nice to go for a wander and explore – sometimes there are hidden gems. Maybe someone would like to sit under the tree for some shade and a nap! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, peace and blessings! 🙂

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