Life by Squares – B3

This walk in York is split into two part: the morning wander is on the South side of the Ouse and the evening one is along the North bank. Not many roads here so it’s pretty much all about prettiness.


I think that today I’m going to cut down on the chat and let these photographs speak for themselves. Of course, you know that this ain’t gonna happen, but the intention was there.

It was a beautifully sunny morning. Little bit nippy (about 5°C) but nothing a warm coat couldn’t cope with. This is snapped from the road (Water End) towards the river Ouse:


And so is this:


Don’t you just love how the sun makes everything that little bit more jolly? Make the most if it though, if you’re in England – apparently we are going to get some winds from Russia this weekend with temperature dipping down to -8°C according to one newspaper and -20°C if you take the word of another.

But for now – enjoy the spring-like grass:


… and the spring-ish sky:


… not to mention the springy tree:


… and the … er … pampas grass tickling the tree:


That was in someone’s garden, but can you imagine what a wondrous sight a whole plain covered with pampas grass would look like! I wonder if anything like that still exists.

I think that these are called snowdrops:


Love, love, love what the clouds are doing in this next shot:


Here are some trees playing hide and seek with the York Minster:


And finally, for the morning session, this is a shot of civilisation, in the form of Scarborough Bridge, appearing around the river bend. By this time I was up for a pee and so this vision was doubly welcome:


That moody little shot marked the end of the morning session.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the afternoon/evening shots are a little muddier. That’s what winter does to England. The first shot is of the same Scarborough bridge but from the other bank and towards the other side of it:


Ha – and I thought the morning shot was moody!

Then there’s a sequence of tree/water/sky:


I could have used effects to brighten them up, but I didn’t. Another:


That one was taken without framing or posing the tree. Love the flash of red.

And another:


I’ve taken these same photos in summer and they look ravishing. Now? Not so much.

And another:


Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Now the next one has had an effect applied to it. My phone seems to analyse my shots, pick the best ones and then tell me that it’s optimised them. Here’s what it did to this:


What do you think? An improvement? I like the lone person walking on the path.

Here’s a fragment of a tree:


I know – maybe I should have skipped that one.

Around the river bend, over the other side of the Ouse, I caught the dying embers of a sunset long gone:


Looks like something caught fire …

Then, finally, this:




35 thoughts on “Life by Squares – B3

  1. “Don’t you just love how the sun makes everything that little bit more jolly?
    Yep! True 😄 its makes us happy instantly! Haha!
    The grass and tress!!! I’ll try to take pic of nice grass someday for sure!! That’s awesome one! 😮✨❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The pictures are amazing Robert:) so clear and feels. I can feel the freshness here. But pictures speak only a word-“Beautiful” or “wow”, etc. Rest should be described by the photographer who can feel actual beyond of it! So don’t quit chatting. Its fun to read with pictures.
    I also wonder sometimes that how wonderful it is (for York) that a person is covering every nook and corner of it with so much interest. Maybe its lucky! Hope you are having a sunshine day:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s why I say that everyone should go out into their own neighbourhood, take some pictures and then tell the world how they make them feel. It’d be so nice for me to see you do that because I’d probably recognise some of the things you take photos of – and to hear your feelings on them would be awesome!
      Today in York is sunshine and cold, but it’s warm in the office so all is well. 🙂


      • Yes I consider what you think. I did go today to a flower show. It was amazing. I guess Nirmala would have seen it if she was here for a day or two. All the reputed hotels of Abu contributed and presented their flowerspots beautifully. I didn’t click much pictures but will click some tomorrow and post it:) and I would be planning soon on visiting Abu on squares. I know you will recognize some of the places. And of course you are the inspiration behind the plan so soon will look forward to it!
        Good to hear about the weather.

        Liked by 1 person

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