Life in the Round

satsuma-noseHave you ever tried to balance a Satsuma on each eye and a banana on your mouth and take a photograph of it? I have, and I can tell you that it’s not at all easy!

The best I could manage was one Satsuma. I would have carried on trying, but after chasing the other Satsuma under the desk and enduring the puzzled looks of my work colleagues in the office, I kind of just gave up.

Still, there’s value to be had in such experiments. I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is right now, but everything happens for a good reason, right?

I started writing this with the intention of telling you that I’m resting my legs for a bit, so no wandering in York today. I’m concentrating on cleaning the house instead. And balancing fruit on my face (a balanced diet?)

Going to eat lunch now. What have you had for your mid-day meal?


16 thoughts on “Life in the Round

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