Not a Baywatch Moment

So, I’m wearing a jumper I got the Christmas before last. I spotted it at the back of the closet and so I pulled it out, shook it straight and thought to myself ‘that’s nice’ … as you do.

I knew it was from the Christmas before last (rather than this Christmas) because it still had the label on it. No, not the one that said ‘Merry Xmas 2017’, but the one the shop put on that said ‘Summer Range 2015’ and that might as well have said ‘On Sale Boxing Day 2016 Because No-one Wanted to Buy It’.

It fits me perfectly. I’ve been doing sit-ups and push-ups, you see. Working on my beach-body, y’know? Nothing worse than running down the beach in that Baywatch kinda way and having all the wrong things wobbling in all the wrong places. Not that I’m going to be wearing this jumper on the beach, you understand!

Ha – just realised I’ve gotten off-topic. When I start having to explain things, I know I’ve slipped away from my original subject. Actually, I’m having to explain myself pretty much all the time in my life. Maybe that’s a learning point for me.

Anyway, the jumper’s nice. Keeps me warm when the temperature dips … like it’s doing now here in the UK. Thank you Russia for those icy-cold winds! Merry Christmas to you too.


One thought on “Not a Baywatch Moment

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