Sticky Keys

There’s orange juice on my keyboard. Oh, don’t worry – not a lot. It’s not like I’ve spilt a whole carton of Tropicana (with juicy bits) between the lettered keys.

It happened yesterday. I was peeling an Satsuma – the one that I balanced on my eye in fact – and it squirted.

And it looked lovely.

Sometime, but not very often, when the sun shines in a particular way and I am presented with something nice to eat and my mouth is open in the right way – a stream of saliva will squirt from my mouth and escape into the world.

Has this ever happened to you?

If it has then you will know the kind of beauty I’m speaking of. My Satsuma squirted in that same way. And beauteous it was whilst in the air. However …

Then the juice landed.

And although I tried to wipe it from the keyboard and keys straight away,
some of it is still there today.
And although it looked beauteous yesterday,
I need it not to stay.

Someone give me a wet-wipe!


4 thoughts on “Sticky Keys

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