Who Loves Yah, Baby!

Who’s in your corner?

When you think about where you are in life and you look around you and decide that the world is against you and that nothing is ever going to go right ever again then stop and think to yourself – why am I thinking this way? Everybody loves me!

And although it may not be true – at least not straight away – you will find that the more you say stuff like that, the more examples you will find to support it.

The mind is an evidence gathering machine. The moment that you put an idea in your head, it immediately starts to find things that support it.

Jung called it synchronicity, some people call it coincidence but as soon as you think of something (like red cars) that thing starts appearing in your life.

Thing is – the world is huge and has millions and billions and trillions of things in it – all happening at the same time. We can’t notice them all at the same time – it’s impossible. But what we can do is notice the things that we are thinking about.

Think ‘I am loved’ and you will start noticing evidence for that. But don’t just take my word for it. Do it.

Just say ‘I am loved’ three times before you read anything else.

Then read this: I love you.



20 thoughts on “Who Loves Yah, Baby!

  1. It bought me giggles and made me scarlet. Thankyou for posting. All I know is this all is about the validation from others is what we seek. I am to that phase but it is only doing me good I am getting better and fulfilled but no satisfaction but yes there is path beyond that I am going there and that is what you just wrote. Thankyou for making me revise again about how much I love myself and how I am an individual:)

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      • Thankyou for always being so involved Robert:) Yeah I saw them today and I have this mare who I trained to be social and friendly since she was born who roamed after me all day so I could caress her and braid her beautiful hair. Her name is Jodha:) they are a symbol of contentment though I usually stop thinking too much about them when I am around them:)

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      • Ha – Jodhaa Akbar is one of Nirmala’s favourite movies! 🙂
        I think (oops) that someone who thinks less is someone who is more content.
        Please give your mare a stroke from me. 🙂


      • You are seeming to be very agreeable, Revati. What would it take for you to storm off, fire flashing in your eyes and with blood on your mind? In other words – what annoys you?


      • Yeah maybe I am! I like to consider and relate things to me positivly. And the producer who made this movie usually makes movie of my choice. I even have a cd of it.
        My own impatience annoys me! But I try to improve landing down again.

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  3. Hey! That’s great post! 😃
    Yes it’s true.. our thoughts create our future. We ask for what you want, believe and we’ll manifest them in future. If we have happy thoughts, we’ll attract more of them! 😄✨

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