God in a Box

I was thinking yesterday that ‘God in a Box’ would make a great title for a novel. Then. this morning, I tried to think about what that book would be about. Just thinking this brought many questions to mind. The most important (for me) is:

Why would God stay in a box?

There are just too many possibilities for this ever to become a single story. Enough material for a lifetime of writing (or a single throwaway post of less than 200 words) Maybe it could make a series of tales: The Thousand Faces of God (in a Box).

Most of the internet search hits for ‘God in a box’ seem to be about the dangers of having a pre-conceived idea of who (or what) God is. No novels – speculative or otherwise.

It’d be a 1950s pulp sci-fi novella if anything. And a very badly written one at that.



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