This is a really fascinating post that reveals things about me (and the nature of reality) that will boggle your mind. In order to do attain this lofty goal I’m going to tell you about …drumroll… what I had for breakfast this morning!

My first (and most important) meal of the day consisted of:

  • Cup of cold water (1)
  • Vitamin tablet (1)
  • Thick-cut (toasted) bread (2)
  • Vegan margarine (blob)
  • Yeast Extract (smaller blob)
  • Cup of hot water (1)
  • Vegan milk (splash).

I mixed all these together (not in the blender) and ate them.

Is it possible to ever fall out of love with such wonders!

Oh, and that thing about the nature of reality – yeah, I lied about that. And I wasn’t entirely truthful about this post being fascinating either. Hey-ho.


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