Nothing You Already Know

The only thing you can’t possibly know is what’s on my mind. Here’s a selection of totally new, never before released into the world, knowledge:

  • When I see dead leaves being blown across the snow in the back garden I invariably think that they are small, brown birds and my head snaps around towards them
  • Floss moving between my teeth is one of the most pleasurable experiences that I’ve discovered in recent years. I’ve discovered many other pleasures, but none of them so recently
  • Despite it reputedly containing interesting articles, I refuse to read our corporate magazine because they send it to my home address. Home is home and work is work (actually, scrap that one; I already fed that feedback back to the backers)
  • That last line was so good that I had to share it on another blog. Actually, if you read my other blog you already know that too. Gosh, but real newness is so hard to come by!

You know – I only started typing this post because I realised that so much new ‘knowledge’ these days is just a rehash of stuff that’s already out there.

Maybe I just know too much. Maybe I need to change my interests. Maybe I should stop here.


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