That Cornflake Conversation

“If’n you’re at all interested in earning your keep …”

So, that was supposed to be the start of a whole conversation I had sketched out in my mind when I was in the shower four days ago. I remember thinking to myself that word cornflake would prompt me to remember the rest of the script when I had more time to get it all dictated onto the screen.

Well, guess what – surprise, surprise – it wasn’t enough.

I can remember vaguely what the earning your keep part was about – it had to do with fixing showers. But the cereal part? I have not a clue.

Oh, wait – perhaps it was something about the price of millions of bowls full of cornflakes? Nah; it’s gone – hey-ho.

Right – on to the next draft post I saved – let’s see if I can figure out what that was going to be about.


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