Everyday Beauty

There’s beauty to be found everywhere if only we know how to look for it.

Take this photograph for example – it’s actually the inside of a crisp packet, but just look at the shapes and shades of light and contrast. There’s so much beauty of complexity and variety there if only we care to see it.

People are like that too. So often we are quick to judge whether someone is ugly or beautiful compared to some set of criteria handed to us by bodies whose only concern is to make money from their ‘fashions’. Yet if we set ourselves back from those arbitrary standards then we are able to see the true beauty that everyone has, just as a consequence of being alive.

And yet, we still fall into the traps of judging others, which hurts not just them, but also ourselves. For, just as we judge other, so they seem to judge us too.

How often have you walked into a room in a new outfit and felt nervous. You feel that everyone is giving you marks out of ten, and that you are failing your exam.

It wouldn’t take much effort for us to stop paying negative attention to others, but the rewards would be enormous. Because when you keep your harsh criticisms to yourself, you automatically sense that others are doing the same. And even if they aren’t – you won’t notice anyway.

So, find goodness as you look around you today. See the beauty in your surroundings. Appreciate the people who share your world. Love life. Because when you do, it’s inevitable that you will experience being loved too.


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