I’ve always prided myself that I’m not prone to be hypnotised. I thought of this as a positive trait. I’ve now been shown another side to the matter by (of course) a hypnotist).

I suppose that it’s natural for a hypnotist to try to take me over to the ‘dark side’, but that doesn’t detract from my realisation. You see, I’ve never had any experience of anything supernatural or metaphysical, and I’ve always wondered why.

The hypnotist lady gave me a possible reason for this. She says that people who resist hypnotism are not able to open themselves to the possibility of things that are beyond the physical.

I think that this is perhaps true in my case. I am maybe keeping such a tight grip on my perception of ‘reality’ that I am closing myself off from whole realms of experience.

I formed a plan, a long time ago, to try acid or LSD or whatever it’s called, on my 100th birthday. Perhaps I would be better to peek around the edge of the doors of perception before then. Not with drugs, but with a new spirit of openness.

Any hypnotists, metaphysicists or paranormists out there want to give me a spot of advice?


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