When You Have Everything

When you have everything
Be careful how you cling.

When you have everythin
Take care it’s not just skin.

When you have everythi
Guard your identity.

When you have everyth
Be sure it’s not just froth.

When you have everyt
Examine it forthwith.

When you have every
Wake up from reverie.

When you have ever
It’s just not clever.

When you have eve
Prepare to grieve.

When you have ev
No engine rev.

When you have e
You’re almost free.

When you have
Feel the love.


38 thoughts on “When You Have Everything

    • I love that you love it, Wilde! Thanks so much for visiting. 🙂 Sorry for the long gap before I replied – I try to hold back for 24 hours. And yes – it’s hard (or should I say ‘difficult’ to avoid confusion).

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    • I know what you mean, and I agree. This poem is about keeping in mind that when you have everything, you might lose it piece by piece until you have nothing left. And so it’s about finding happiness in having nothing. If you can love having nothing then you can be truly fulfilled.


      • Well, I thought as the words got missing in everything the same way we loose things which we value a lot then we should. Like we want everything and because of increase in our greed to acquire everything the law of the universe works and it takes away our lust for every- ‘thing’. Slowly we are left with nothing and realise that it was wrong to grab everything. That is how I thought it to be and then when you explained it made more sense of your poetry. Whatever was written it was amazing, really loved it.

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      • Got you.
        Yes, lust for things is a big problem. It would be much better if we could be happy with what we have rather than trying to get more and more in the hope that it will bring us the happiness we crave. Real happiness is about accepting and loving the things and people we have around us. That vibration will then attract others to us in a more natural way and we would then find that all sorts of good things happen.
        We can have a deep, underlying happiness and yet still be able to express our passing sorrows at the same time. Like clouds passing over the sun. 🙂


      • You always do!
        Greed is what it is called. We just don’t use the word subconsciously because the word is negative. Good automatically leads to ultimate happiness and spreading of positive energy inside us and positive energy around people around us.
        Clouds passing over the sun, wow! I so love what you compare Robert. Oh speaking of, there is this man somewhere in west whose stare creates hopes in people. I saw this video of him where he comes to the stage and keeps staring at people who go to watch him and cry and say they find hope when they connect to his eyes. His vision power could not be known by eminent scientists too but what a fun fact!

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      • I once saw a video of as man who boarded a train, sat down and then deliberately started laughing. He carried on laughing. By the end of the video (it was about three minutes long) everyone in the carriage was laughing uncontrollably. It was an amazing sight.
        We should be like these people – those who laugh and those who give hope. It would help. 🙂


      • That feels great! How can something so simple and natural can make our day with positive benefits.
        Agree Robert! We should learn good and happy things from these people:) I feel blessed to follow your beautiful blog because it has the same effect on me as well. Fresh, simple and impressive 🏵

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      • I now have a vision of you laughing uncontrollably as a result of reading my blog posts. 🙂
        Don’t worry, I’m only joking. I know for a fact that they are not that funny. Actually, I should get back to being humorous. I miss that. Do you ever get the urge to write humour? What makes you laugh? 🙂


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