You and Me

Strikes me (mine) that much of what I (mine) write is just (just?) my (mine) opinion and so I (mine) thought that I (mine) should try to go beyond my (mine) subjective impressions and delve into something that would be real if I (mine) didn’t exist.

There are probably whole pages on Wikipedia devoted to this, but instead of co-opting Google I (mine) am going to try to think this out by myself (mine).

As you (yours) can tell, from my (mine) bracketed comments, it’s a bit of a minefield (haha) but nonetheless, I (mine) have to try – if only to pander to the call of my (mine) ego.

So – how about the grass outside the window – would that exist without me (mine)? Well, I (mine) guess. It might be a little longer if I (mine) wasn’t there to mow it, but it’d still be growing out there on the lawn. Which leads me (mine) to wonder why I (mine) have such a problem writing about things other than me (mine). I (mine) mean, there are loads of things out there that share the same sort of independent nature that grass has. There’s the trees and the sky and birds and space and infinity and the wall at the end of the universe that would send you (yours) mad if you (yours) peeked over it and all the other random stuff in-between those things,

So why do I (mine) feel that I (mine) have to insert myself (mine) into every darn thing I (mine) write! Surely it can’t just be my (mine) ego – the rabid need to feel important despite all evidence to the contrary, that makes me (mine) concentrate so much on my (mine) opinions and impressions and perceptions and extrapolations and stuff.

Oh, sure – this is my (mine) blog and the fingers forming these words belong to me (mine) and without my (mine) intellectual and physical input, this combination of letters and words that you (yours) are reading wouldn’t have come into existence, but still …

Just had a realisation: what If the focus on this blog were to shift onto you (yours) – how would you (yours) feel about that? If every single word were addressed to you (yours), the reader, then how would this affect things? Let’s face it, you (yours) are the most important part of what’s being written here. Without an audience, any piece of prose is merely mental (or digital – but let’s not go there) masturbation.

What if every word in this post and on this blog from now on were to acknowledge the overwhelming importance of the connection between things and people by focusing on you (yours) – the other end of this link. Obviously, the writer is still here, but when you (yours) are added to the equation then this kinda automatically embraces everything in-between, right?

Writing to you (yours) doesn’t come easy, but with practice, for sure it’ll get easier. There’s going to be a lot of passive voice going on, but who’s to say that this won’t be a good thing? Any attention to taming the ego has got to be good, right? The more attention that’s given to whose voice is used, the quicker it can be rooted out.

In conclusion, love to you (yours). Enjoy your (yours) day and please drop a quick comment if you (yours) have time to express how you (yours) feel.


5 thoughts on “You and Me

  1. Thank you, this brought a smile. : )
    Love to you as well, although I am aware it was a universal “you” to whom you were expressing. However, I will receive it personally, because after all, it is now all about me! : ) *giggle*
    I had not considered writing for myself “mental masterbation” before, and I am not sure whether I am excited about that, or disappointed in my aloneness? Perhaps we’re neither alone in our ecstasy. Have a lovely day as well. : )

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    • I like the idea of the whole world being connected in ecstasy – as if it’s a place we go to when we experience anything transcendent.
      Apparently there’s a list of stuff that’s like the experience of transcendence and these include sneezing, that feeling you have the moment before you fall asleep, orgasm and the feeling you get when someone says ‘boo’ and startles you.
      You have a very nice *giggle* by the way. 🙂

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  2. In my (mine) opinion, you (yours) should continue writing about your (yours) thoughts, perceptions and experiences, as this is your (yours) corner of the worldwide web.


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