Musings of a Morosoph

Panic isn’t something that I come across in my life. I see it on TV but not in my mind. For every circumstance, I have a plan. Today, I almost got killed crossing the road. But I didn’t panic. I just stopped in my tracks and stepped back. I let the car pass and then crossed the road a little more carefully. I accumulate knowledge about things and the ability to do stuff so that life won’t get the jump on me.

Meadows make me feel nice. I feel rested and free in a meadow. I feel the cares of my life just fall away in a meadow. My thoughts melt into the colours. The greens soothe me. The reds and yellows and blues and purples of the flowers are like points of pleasure. Lying on my back, staring up into the blue. Letting the orange warmth of sunshine soak into my bones. It’s sometimes nice to pack a sandwich too.

Champion is a difficult concept for me to chew. I think of the wonder horse. I think of Danny. I think of winners. I think of anything but me. I’m more mediocre than anything. Sure, maybe I’m a little above average in most things and perhaps a little better than that in some few things. But I’m not the best at anything. Well. apart from being me, that is. When it comes to being me – I’m a genuine champion.

Correspond with me if you like. I welcomes people. I kids myself into thinking that I like people that say things that I’ve never heard in ways that I’ve not come across before, but, when I face facts, that don’t matter so much as love. If I come across someone with love in their heart and a smile on their face and a willingness to push us outside the box, then I will converse with them until the slugs come home.

Fuel is neutral. It only moves a machine the way it’s designed to move. It just makes the body move along the track that’s laid out for it by the machinations of the mind. Sure, better fuel’ll move you further and faster, but to alter your direction you gotta change your steering mechanism. Change your habits. Learn to avoid panic. Head for some place green. Move outta the box. Talk to me if it suits you.


16 thoughts on “Musings of a Morosoph

  1. I had to look up Morosoph. A delightfully paradoxical word, as is most of life. I sincerely doubt the fool half.
    I too love nature and your description was lovely. I think nature was created to help us be calm. The city drains me too much with the noise and the harshness. Nature is soft, except when it’s prickly. : )

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    • You have to slip a few questions in there to give me something to link onto as a reply! Like – how’d you get to be so much of a nature lover if’n you grew up in the city? And then you’d tell me that was raised on a Llama Farm in Timbuktu and would ask me if I like Llama’s and I would tell you that I’m probably allergic and ask you what you’re allergic to and you would say (something like) ‘people that tell me that I should ask more questions in comments on posts and then you’d put a smiley there to let me know that you was messing with me and then add ‘you?’ and I would tell you that I just told you about ‘llamas’ and you would say ‘my bad’ and I would try to say something about Michael Jackson or some such nonsense and then a quiet would come over the conversation and the sun would fall and the moon would rise and then Zebedee would say ‘time for bed’ and the theme music would play and …
      By the way – what you going to do today to make you feel fine? 🙂

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      • Lol …. I don’t think I’m needed in this conversation, it appears you can handle it all by yourself perfectly fine. : ). What do you think about that? See, I’m a fairly bright lady! Your brain makes some very interesting connections, almost like a word association game, or you’ve drank too much coffee? The fact I could follow that paragraph concerns me just a tad. You? Oops, my bad … “no way,” I would never say that. : )
        I need to go, some llamas just walked into my office, let’s hope they don’t spit on me. I don’t like spit, do you? : )

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      • Yes, you’re bright – you picked up the knack of asking questions to facilitate the flow of conversation very easily. 🙂
        What do I think about you thinking that I can sit in a corner thinking to myself? Well, I think that thinking is fine, but conversation with another person can inject items of more interest than just the things I can think up all by myself. You see, the trouble with thinking to myself is that I know what I’m going to think half the time. And if you think that that’s a low percentage (50%) then you maybe need to sit down and examine the random nature of thought. Or perhaps you have already. Perhaps you’ve fallen asleep while you’re reading a book and have noticed that you carry on thinking after your eyes are closed and that you carry on the story for a few phrases before you’ve realised that it’s not a book you’re reading but words on the inside of your eyelids. Or maybe just think about the unpredictable nature of dreams, which are really just thoughts that have been coloured in by your mind in the manner of a child with a box of crayons.
        I don’t drink coffee. You?
        But yeah – it’s like a word-association game inside my head.
        It doesn’t concern me that you could follow that paragraph, but it does surprise me. But only because when I read it back, I realised that my grammar and syntax were a little lacking in polish. Soz.
        Do I like spit? I guess. I mean, I swallow enough of it.

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    • … and the prize for the most interesting comment of the day goes to …
      *opens envelope as the crowd holds their collective breath*
      … Sabrina!!! 😀
      *the crowd goes wild and Sabrina steps up to the mic*

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