Another meeting, another doodle:


39 thoughts on “Dood

    • Okay, now you’re making me look stuff up (pareidolia – the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern). I can’t see that dodo myself, so yeah – that’s all about you. πŸ˜€
      Life? Fun? Yeah – for sure. So long as no-one gets hurt in the process. πŸ™‚
      How did your Wordless Wednesday go?


      • Got you! I really got everything! I also wrote it in my diary!
        But this is so deep. I got recently obsessed with train tracks.
        Train tracks,
        So long,
        And parallel,
        Seeking ways,
        Crossing other parallels,
        Still having,
        Numerous destinations.

        That’s how actually.
        Mind sees itself, looking on a broken tainted mirror, just to know that there was a ghost standing behind and only to discover it was under hallucinations of itself. You write it better, I understand betterπŸ™‚πŸŒΈ.
        You are knowing yourself more during the meetings, is that what?

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      • You maybe understand what I write better than I understand it myself because I use a logical version of my intuition and I don’t understand that level very well. Your feminine intuition is perhaps able to accept the thrust of my male logic more easily because of this. Tell me if I’m going too deep or too fast.


      • That makes me think deeper that you don’t understand your logical version of intuition. Maybe you don’t have to know? It’s better to know that you have that! The Q/A can be done when it’s challenged.
        Yeah maybe the gender makes that happen. No, it isn’t very fast but it’s deep and something which is obvious and straight. Thats how two random people get along.
        I don’t know if I understand completely what you understand better of yourself. It’s just I want to understand everyone. Every word of what people speak, you can call it an attempt. I am still discovering more and more every day and Evey minute that’s all, discovering god that’s what makes me understand others as well. Rest I don’t think about it much or it would be a weight to carry. But these talks actually make sense of ourselves and give meaning to our existence

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      • Do you think that perhaps talks about spirituality are a luxury that not many people have. If someone is caught up in the search for a home or money or food or safely then is there room for conversation about God and spiritual fulfilment? Or is it that when one is on the floor one talks to God more. I mean, if you are low, you want someone or something to raise you up, right? And what better way than to ask God!
        Do you think that we get on better because you are female and I am male? Spirituality aside, do you reckon that it’s easier for people of opposite genders to speak? I find it difficult to speak to men. I guess I either have a phobia or a fear of inappropriate advance on me.
        I don’t understand intuition. And yet I do. I don’t understand it logically, but when I let myself just ‘be’, I can understand my intuitive side on an intuitive (beyond words) level.
        I guess you can understand logic and intuition too. Do you understand me? Understand what drives me? Understand my motivations? Understand the me that sits between the words?


      • Of course. I do. Well not as a luxury before but now its have the word for it, luxury it is. At times of crisis and search for the basic needs I don’t think there is a room for conversation on spirituality and god but the belief in god certainly keeps the hope, and expectations that sooner the darkness would be taken over by light. Until the person struggles. God gives a ray of company and shoulder that we are not alone, not atleast at the times of crisis when people tend to leave us alone. So god touches every aspect of our life.
        Ummm… Yes in this world where nature exists opposite get along well, at least we do. Not saying same genders don’t get along well, I am a person who would more comfortable to women(some)rather then men. Or maybe gender doesn’t matter. What matters is soul. If we keep aside the mortal body and the way world is going on then we have reached a standereds of ultimacy and highest standereds of understanding the world beyond what is seen or known.
        No I don’t reckon that it is easier to speak more comfortably with an opposite gender, after all who am I to prove in a world of millions in a human race. It depends actually, in the way we are groomed, our core nature and other big things in our influence and our own opinion.
        Will it be easier if you saw any man as just a soul and nothing more than having thoughts and opinions, to talk to?
        Yes I get your intuition thing. Well we are so filled with encyclopedias and answers to everything, which yet remains locked somewhere in our brains that we cannot sometimes decide that we understand our intuition or not. Maybe we get to know slowly more, maybe we don’t get to know it at all, maybe some of us know all of it.
        Yes I understand you. Intuitions are more than beyond and maybe everything of it cannot be put in words. Logic whereas is limited and essential too. Everything need to be logical if intuition is something we give our priority to. What drives you? Well it’s mixed a little. Your thoughts feel like are dominated by your intuitions which is great, greater in terms of this small minded world. Where some of us don’t want to know, or just want to give up to challenged. You know the beyonds and you still want to know the beyonds which will be known sooner or later maybe? There is so much to drives, specially drives that are not of the mind and heart but the soul. It just gets unlocked everytime you know. Yes I know everything you write, because either we are as simple as complicated or as complicated as simple. We just know things that matter and things that only we know. I understand what lies between the words. Lies the unspoken words and world that you know that I don’t know. Lies infinity. What are your motivations then?

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      • My motivations? That’s a difficult question for me to answer. But I’ll try.

        First of all, I’m motivated by my urge to get people to like me. I want you to like me. That said, I don’t try to make everyone like me.
        You are far away and so it’s safe for me to be liked by you. Which brings me to my second motivation: I want to be safe. I’m motivated to create such a distance between me and other people so that I can retreat if I need to or advance if I’d like to. This is why I don’t try to make people around me (at work, for example) like me – they would be too close. I would not feel safe.
        Aside from those things, I’m motivated by the desire to share knowledge and experience. That’s why I write on this blog. That’s probably why I write, period.
        Then there are the passing things – I’m motivated to eat by hunger, sleep by tiredness, bathe by dirtiness – that sort of thing.
        How about you – what are your motivations, Revati? Dig deep. πŸ™‚


      • I feel really intrigued with your answer. Like really really. Everything connected to everything. I understand the depth of it and I can’t imagine I could write my depths like you just did. I relate to you alot. It’s like I am the same I just didn’t know about it. Like the unlocked part or cell of my unconcious untouched. Your safe is really different. There must be a reason about the environment you live. This makes me wonder how thousands of words in the dictionary are different for different people. Like ‘safe’, it’s diffrent for me and for you. I can’t tell you how good I feel by reading this message that I noted it down.
        I am curious is it only knowledge and experience or more than that? Like there must be something beyond? Eating, sleep, bathing by hunger, tiredness and dirtiness reminds me of theory in psychology about motives. Anyways. My motivations? Well I am motivated by intellect and knowledge. Other than that I am motivated by understanding and open mindedness, also by things that are not known, things that are different than I know. Motivated by happiness around, motivated by peace and prayer. Does that make sense?

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      • That’s a tough thing to answer! But I don’t really think all of it can be unlocked. I guess it depends on the capacity of the person. But I wish everything could be unlocked. But then I don’t because there would be a creation of complications. So now is good as it is:)

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      • Haha – very good answer. Complications are complicated and simplicity is nice and simple.
        But still – I find it frustrating sometimes to talk in riddles and revert to allusions when straight-forward talk would be much easier. There’s the fear of frightening people. But then again, there are people who love truth. as much as others love obfuscation. Life! πŸ™‚


      • Well yeah! Riddles are mind swirling really but yeah straight talks are good but some people say it gives them anxiety. But straight talk is what I would prefer:) riddles are cool too, I don’t know even this swirls my mind. Everything is good now! I love the way you think of things and way you see things :)glad to meet you!

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    • Hahaha – lucky I’m not Dutch then. πŸ˜€
      It’s just short for doodle (in my mind), although it did occur to me, when I wrote it, that it’s Hindi for milk. πŸ˜‰ Purely random.


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