Get Down On It

Why I love music:

  1. Connection. Like, I was a dot before. It joins me up. Dot to dot, you know?
  2. Elevation. Takes me up. Like in an elevator, but not. More like a bungee ting.
  3. Subsummation. Covers me up, wrapped warm. Tight in the blanket. Sausage roll.
  4. Amusement. Listen – I see the po-po behind me, ain’t gon’ stop. Nuff said, surely!
  5. Expandation. I mean, there’s just so much of it! Goes on forever and ever and eek.
  6. Learningness. Push the sides of my mind out and up and even down but don’t tell.
  7. Motionment. Watch me pop. Trippin’ ‘n’ spilling arms ‘n’legs into space. Watch now!
  8. Moistation. If’n u move ‘n’ you keep it up you’ll be drippin’ ‘n’ panting ‘n’ all for free.

Fergit about the neighbours
Spin up that groovy sh..tuff.
Unleash your musication.
Get down and get with it!


27 thoughts on “Get Down On It

    • I try to use all the words that aren’t in the dictionary, but it’s so hard to keep track of them. I keep have to adding them to my list-of-words-used. But I have to tell you that putting a tick next to one of those mutthas is ten times as satisfying as ticking one of the normal ones.
      A day without music would not be a choice of mine. I’m not even sure if I could manage it. There are times when I’ve been out walking in the mountains (various places) that I’ve been without songs, but when I get back to ‘civilisation’, there’s always something humming its way towards me.
      And then – there’s always the voice in my head (the worm in my ear). Let me just check what’s in there now …
      OMG – there isn’t one!! My, now THAT’S a first!! Must be something about the rhythm of the words flying through my mind, through my fingers, into the internet and through (by whatever route) to you that’s switched it off. How interestink! 😀
      Can you choose a day without music?

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      • I can’t believe there was no earworm wiggling around inside your head while you were typing that comment!! Incroyable! 😀
        Yes, I can easily choose a day without music. I have lived many days in a row without music before.
        As I’m typing this, I’m listening to Big Bad World (Plain White T’s).
        On the other hand, I have never chosen a day without words (reading, writing, or speaking).

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      • It might have been possible when we were babies. Then again, it might not have been possible even then. Humans are ‘hard-wired’ to communicate via language after all.

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      • “… the brains of individual speakers are sensitive to language universals. Syllables that are frequent across languages are recognized more readily than infrequent syllables. Simply put, this study shows that language universals are hardwired in the human brain.” – Prof. Iris Berent (2014).
        “There’s a widespread idea that humans are born knowing important stuff about how the world works, and language has been taken by some people as a clear case where innate knowledge might be necessary and a great advantage. But we have found that models of Darwinian evolution can’t produce this kind of innate knowledge for language and probably not for other socially-learned systems of behaviour” – Dr Kenny Smith (2016).
        Linguists vs. Evolutionists. Hmm.

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  1. Gaaah! I love music too! I checked your playlist and some of em are on mine as well. Like cardi b, the weeknd, nicki minaj and j cole. Love the freaky friday too haha 😆 my top fave is Beyonce and The weeknd tho, never gets sick of their music.
    Also, Grime is something I’ve learned from my Londoner friend so I have Kano and Lethal Bizzle on my playlist. Pow and Ps & Qs are my faves 😻

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