Meant to Be

I’d love to see chatbots roving the internet – fighting evil and righting wrongs in true superhero stylee. When you think of the benefits – it’s just meant to be!

There’s a lot of discussion about companies on the world wild (yes, I know) web. Some of it can be positive – like praise for new products and some of it can be destructive – like complaints about poor customer service.

These robotic bots could roam around searching for neg-heads and give them information to help them to have a better impression of the company they are complaining about.

Imagine an autonomous bot that could seek out stuff on forums, create an account for itself, log on and then chat to the person with the negative impression until they saw the light and avowed their intent to be an ambassador for that company instead of being a picky, picky person with an axe to grind!

What name shall we give to this powerful force for good? Barney the Bot? Peter Positive? Ronald the Roving Chatbot? What do you reckon?

Whatever the name – the future’s coming on fast, so gird your loins, peeps!



19 thoughts on “Meant to Be

  1. Very, very interesting topic to me right now. We rely too heavily on automated computers programmed by flawed people. When the quantum systems come online, they will be telling us what to do and what not to do. I think I will keep the baseball bat handy!

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      • I am doubtful a bot will ever be as creative as you. There is so much about our flaws and emotions that make us human. Do you tell small lies to prevent someone from getting their feelings hurt? Can you imagine a bot being intuitive, or reverant, compassionate or understanding? Do you remember Short Circuit? Spontaneous laughter is how he judged if he was alive. Are there some individuals you wish reacted more like bots? Interesting topic.

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      • Why thankyou, Dee. 🙂
        Do I tell small lies? Yes, I think I do. I’m trying to wean myself from the habit but then I come over as insensitive. Do I go one way or the other? I need a happy medium.
        I can imagine a bit emulating all those things, but not really feeling it. Can you imagine a bit feeling hurt?
        I don’t remember the details of Short Circuit. 😦
        Oh yes, there are many people like that!! 😀 I wish that some people could be more logical.

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  2. You really think neg-heads would carefully consider the information given to them by pos-bots and change their minds accordingly? Neg-heads, being neg-heads, wouldn’t change to pos-heads so easily, methinks.

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