Scale Your Successes

Here’s a tip for how to get on in life: instead of digging into your problems, check out what you’re doing right and then do more of it.

People have a tendency to focus on what isn’t working and then try to fix it. On one level this seems quite logical; after all, what’s the point in looking at what’s going well? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Here’s another way of looking at the situation: if you’re getting something good out of method A and something not so good out of method B, which method should you adopt overall? Obviously method A, right?

The trick is to work out a way to use the best method for all situations, because in that way, you will get a better overall result.

So, instead of trying to fix things by poking into the problems, correct them by looking at your successes, and then simply scaling them up.


8 thoughts on “Scale Your Successes

  1. I like the simple yet straightforward approach of this post. On point! I do follow the same rule about optimism cos I find focusing too much on the negatives such a waste of time. Well penned, good job Robert 💯☺️

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