Boots are such generous things to have around; they give and give with no thought of ever taking.

A beautiful pair of boots is something I feel so very comfortable with; their softness and accommodating nature makes me sigh with happiness.

Such things of splendour are boots; I would be content to stay and stare at them all day.

In fact, I have, in front of me right now, a magnificent example of the species; perky, precious and with the lustre of finely polished wood.

And, speaking of wood, I love to slide mine deeply within. The careful fit; lovingly matching the space, keeps them in perfect shape.

When I am in the presence of a beautiful pair of boots, my life is fulfilled. I have all that I need.

Love those boots. Boots, boots, boots. Yum.


15 thoughts on “Boots

  1. You have that incredibel power to turn the ordinary to something extraordinary, just like how you made boots look stunning in the reader’s eye. Well done. I’m happy you’re lovin’ those boots! Hope next time you post a picture of you wearing it 😉

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