Someone said that today’s doodle reminds them of Ganesha:

What do you think?


19 thoughts on “Ganesha

  1. Possibly lots of trunks? I see a flower and a sea shell. What does that mean, professor? I will bloom close to the ocean?
    Was the mindfulness helpful as you created the piece? Was it restful?

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    • I find that the creation of these pieces induces, within me, a state of calm. Mindfulness does the same too. For me, they are separate disciplines. Do you doodle? I don’t mean with the intention of creating a work of art, I just mean idly as your mind is elsewhere (or else-when).
      And yes – it means that you will go on a journey (possibly to the ocean) and meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger who will take you on a delightful voyage of discovery. Tip for the day – pack a toothbrush.


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