Peace and Quiet

I might be quiet.

Don’t worry.

I’m good.



14 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet

  1. I see you. : )
    In my desire to become a minimalist, I am beginning to understand that includes words and speaking. I love that sometimes there is peace in quiet.
    In what ways do you renew your spirit and encourage your soul?

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    • Renew my spirit. Hmm – that’s an interesting question. Let me think …
      For me it’s all about going to that quiet place inside me. Even if have to coat it in white paint to calm it down, it’s still about the space inside. Sometimes God drops in. Sometimes it’s just me. Mostly the latter if I’m honest. Nature helps, but isn’t essential. I can always (eventually) get into Quiet, but it’s easier when outside is Peace.
      Then again – I like music.
      And dancing.

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