Had Enough?

I drew this one yesterday:

You had enough of my weird doodles yet?


24 thoughts on “Had Enough?

      • Yeah, you need to get out more. πŸ˜€
        Just finished reading Galatea 2.2 by Richard Powers. If’n you want your mind (and your attitude to stories) adjusting then give it a try. Beware – it’s very wordy, though.

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      • Depends what you mean. If you’re talking about out of the house, then maybe (but I think it’d be close). If you mean out of the usual ways and means of thinking (as I (kinda) did), then … well, it’s difficult to compare that kind of thing. We both have our quirks and peculiarities. How close to you is the you that you portray in writing?
        Literary festivals? Sometimes. ‘Pends. Why?

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      • Don’t we all have our quirks and peculiarities? In comments (practically the only first-person POV writing I do), I’m close to the me I portray. What about you?
        I was gonna tell you something about a recent literary festival, but I’ve changed my mind since writing my previous comment.

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      • We do too. Q and P are my oeuvre of choice.
        I’m close to me when I write but also aware of vast swathes of me that don’t make it out into the world. The me that you see is me but it’s not the whole me. Increasingly so. I want to tell, but find it too complicating to do so. At this rate I’m going to end up as a poet.

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      • I wonder if it’s even possible to express one’s full self through writing.
        I relate to your dilemma (you want to tell, but find it too complicating to do so).
        Yes, poems are the ideal medium for expressing oneself cryptically.

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