A Meeting of Minds

A few moments ago, I briefly made contact with another consciousness within me. Either that, or I fell asleep at my desk.

At the time, it felt like an intelligence was reaching out to me. There was a moment when I felt the touch of an alien mind. All I’m left with now is a picture – a Venn type image: two shapes meeting and then withdrawing in mutual surprise.

I had just been reading about Artificial Consciousness (‘that which would have to be synthesized were consciousness to be found in an engineered artifact (sic)’ (Wikipedia) and, prior to that, had been eating lunch. One of these events could well have instigated a micro-nap, and the other could have planted the seed of a dream.

I’d like to think that there are other beings beside me; inside me, and that I am only one of a number of parts within this whole. It would explain many things. I have to confess too that it  would lend a certain legitimacy to my long-standing practice of talking to myself (who said that!)

But realistically, I’m probably only one. And it’s more likely than not that when I fall (momentarily) asleep, some dreams do come.

Ain’t jet-lag a wunnerful thing!


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