Don’t Let Thoughts Paralyse You

A passing thought.
Nominally engaging.
Do I pluck it from the flow,
Or let it continue downstream,
Until it slips quietly past the delta,
Meets the sea of forgotten ephemera?
Not everything deserves salvation.
Not everything merits letting go.
Who am I to sway the tide?

Anyway – the thought:

Strikes me that we don’t need to use the tongue and its attendant taste buds to enjoy our food. It’s enough to use this organ to determine whether something fits into one of two categories: edible or inedible. All else is a profligate waste of brain space.

There – that was the thought. Save or raze?



3 thoughts on “Don’t Let Thoughts Paralyse You

    • It depends on the atmosphere at the dinner table I guess. When I was a kid I used to muse to myself on the odds of the of a meal-replacement-pill being invented. And then my dad would reach across the table and stab me in the arm with his fork because my elbow was on the table.
      Life. Don’t talk to me about life! (name the book)


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