The Meaning of Peace

Imagine standing in a courtyard full to the brim with screaming, babbling, jabbering people. Beneath the babble and babel is a profound silence.

Imagine clearing this court, one by one, of these people so that the hubbub dies down by infinitesimal degrees. Don’t think about where those people go.

Imagine being in the now empty courtyard. The underlying silence has now been replaced by actual peace and quiet.

Imagine that you lock the doors to the courtyard and begin to enjoy this silence. The peace stretches out. The quiet embraces you. Nothing becomes your being.

Suddenly there comes a knock at the door.

When you open the door, there stands a silent horde. One of those people steps forward slowly and says ‘I fear that peace has lost meaning for you.’

What’s that all about?


17 thoughts on “The Meaning of Peace

      • I’ve reached page 402 so it’s going well. πŸ™‚ It confused me at first (so many Arabic terms and names) but by page 100 I’d straightened it all out in my head. Now I’m just enjoying and wondering who the killer is (no, don’t tell me). There’s also quite a bit of cock in it, which quite surprised me with its bold descriptions thereof! Learning a lot about the history of art too. πŸ™‚


      • Yeah many Arabic terms, I had to refer to google at times but then many of it was familiar to me. No I wouldn’t have told you so if you asked me (which of course you wouldn’t) but I was intrigued when I found out really and it was smooth. You will enjoy it. In fact there were so many characters playing I had to pen down the names of possible killers which turned out to be wrong but that was what I strongly believed.
        I know. The book which contains the cold war for art and reaching atop of western painters was new to me really. I could imagine every detail of the painting they described every location and the whole city in fact. But anyways too much I said. I am satisfied that you are reading it, makes me smile. And also happy I found an author who expresses tensions between east and west better then any work of non fiction I read:)
        Looking forward to your review πŸ’™

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