The Meaning of Peace

Imagine standing in a courtyard full to the brim with screaming, babbling, jabbering people. Beneath the babble and babel is a profound silence.

Imagine clearing this court, one by one, of these people so that the hubbub dies down by infinitesimal degrees. Don’t think about where those people go.

Imagine being in the now empty courtyard. The underlying silence has now been replaced by actual peace and quiet.

Imagine that you lock the doors to the courtyard and begin to enjoy this silence. The peace stretches out. The quiet embraces you. Nothing becomes your being.

Suddenly there comes a knock at the door.

When you open the door, there stands a silent horde. One of those people steps forward slowly and says ‘I fear that peace has lost meaning for you.’

What’s that all about?


25 thoughts on “The Meaning of Peace

      • I’ve reached page 402 so it’s going well. πŸ™‚ It confused me at first (so many Arabic terms and names) but by page 100 I’d straightened it all out in my head. Now I’m just enjoying and wondering who the killer is (no, don’t tell me). There’s also quite a bit of cock in it, which quite surprised me with its bold descriptions thereof! Learning a lot about the history of art too. πŸ™‚


      • Yeah many Arabic terms, I had to refer to google at times but then many of it was familiar to me. No I wouldn’t have told you so if you asked me (which of course you wouldn’t) but I was intrigued when I found out really and it was smooth. You will enjoy it. In fact there were so many characters playing I had to pen down the names of possible killers which turned out to be wrong but that was what I strongly believed.
        I know. The book which contains the cold war for art and reaching atop of western painters was new to me really. I could imagine every detail of the painting they described every location and the whole city in fact. But anyways too much I said. I am satisfied that you are reading it, makes me smile. And also happy I found an author who expresses tensions between east and west better then any work of non fiction I read:)
        Looking forward to your review πŸ’™

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      • Read it.
        I so agree to your POV. Specially how the long book has a short story. His two more books are of the same style. The story is long but the basic idea is short. It is quite extended. As if the author expresses his little thoughts and details happening even if it can be summarised into lesser words. That peculiar writing of his is the talent and art I confess. I completed the book in like a month, I guess, I couldn’t wait, not that I lack Paitence but it was something else. The thinner book of his put me into the same situation. And the story was incredibly short when I thought of it after reading. Also you don’t need to go to turkey for it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚he portrays a crystal clear picture of the country in the book like that of a non fiction work. But overall it was a good book. Also no need to return it, I would be more glad of the book adorns your library of books at home(in case you have one). Hope you are doing good. What is your next read?

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      • Oh, my next read? I think I’ve read several since then. Let me see …
        Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher,
        Kingdom of Childhood by Rebecca Coleman,
        I, Lucifer by Glen Ducan,
        Twitter Diaries, The: 2 Cities, 1 Friendship, 140 Characters by Imogen Lloyd Webber and Georgie Thompson,
        The Diary of Human Emotion by Tiffany Watt Smith and,
        Who is Tom Ditto by Danny Wallace.
        And I’ve almost finished Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby. Then I need to complete OCA Oracle Database 12c SQL Fundamentals by Roopesh Ramklass.
        How about you? πŸ™‚


      • Wow! That’s a long list and I presume it’s longer. Although thirteen reasons why is something I saw the series of. Keep reviewing books, I look forward to itπŸ™‚
        I have a list as well,
        For now it’s – the book thief by Markus zusak
        Red haired woman by Orhan Pamuk
        The inexplicable logic of my life by Benjamin Saenz
        This unquiet land by Barkha Dutt
        A work in progress by Connor Franta
        Note to self by Connor Franta
        Gone girl by Gillian flynn
        Thousand splendid sun’s and And the mountains echoed by Khaled hosseini.
        These are some I have in my shelf for a long time and have more to read.

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      • Sounds like we are two little book worms – eating our way through a stack (or two) of books. I’ve just started the 6th of a 6 book hexology (is that word?) It’s called Lost Fleet by Jack Campbell and it’s military science fiction (war in space) and it’s a lovely rest from meaningful books! πŸ˜€


      • That we are Robert! Some kind of understanding exists between us.
        Oh my! Science fiction! I don’t think I will ever be able to read that genre though I struggle to. And congratulations for entering the sixth in the series. I haven’t read a single series in my lifetime. Let’s see! Hope you are doing great after the long return.

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      • Understanding. I like the sound of that. πŸ™‚
        I’ve just finished a stack of ten non-fiction books on various subjects. The best one was by Deepak Chopra and was about dying. I’m doing pretty well. How about you?


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