raison d’être

The title is French. I want it to mean my reason for being here on this WordPress site.

I’ve been thinking about why I’m here. There’s:

  • the joy of writing,
  • the joy of being read and
  • the joy of talking about what I’ve written.

Not sure which is the most important right now.

I wrote lots of little snippets of things yesterday but didn’t talk about them with anyone. Lots of people visited. Some people liked and very few people commented. This left me feeling rather deflated but  it’s strange that I should feel that way because I didn’t reply to any of yesterday’s comments. In fact, I’ve only replied to comments once over the past week (or so).

I enjoy writing. But I write for an audience. And so if no-one is reading then I’m not keen on continuing. I guess I get off, to some extent, on the likes. I mean, everyone likes to be liked, right? Anyway, even if they don’t – I do.

Yeah, I know – I need to get out more. *sigh*


27 thoughts on “raison d’être

  1. Sometimes your readers just get too busy or distracted to tell you they’ve enjoyed your posts. Fear not. Even a visit means they like you! I personally enjoy your comments on others comments . Especially when it’s my comment because I think that means you like my comments. We all like to be liked. If we were just strictly writing for our own enjoyment then we might as well get a diary and keep it locked and hidden under our bed, right?
    My posts have been rather boring lately.. even I yawn as I write them, so I need to get out and desperately search for something spectacular to write about. I’m thinking of my to do list today and well… it’s not going to produce any thought provoking themes so I need to put on my creative hat. It’s somewhere in the back of my closet , or in temporary storage. I need to fetch it.
    Keep writing.
    It’s inspiring, funny, random, and interesting.

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    • I had a big grin on my face throughout my reading of your wonderfully loquacious comment. You are delicious, Karen. You’re like a piece of Juicy Fruit chewing gum. You’re like sunshine in a box. You’re like … you. 🙂
      And yeah, I should visit people’s blog’s more. It’s a failing in me. Ah well – the sun’s shining and life goes on, right? 😀

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  2. Robert, I know I don’t have the right and should not say this, but I’ll say it anyway, (because I am stubborn and love to talk), if even one person likes to read your blog and comments, then you should keep on posting for that person. I really don’t have any logic backing that, but mostly because I miss Inky fambly.

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