Advice from and for Big Issue Sellers

Big Issue SellerYesterday I happened to be within earshot of one of those cheeky chappies that sell The Big Issue just as he was loudly dispensing free counselling to his fellow humanity.

This is his advice to us all:

“You know what I hate? It’s the people that say ‘you’ve already asked me!’ They walk past me a million times a day, backwards and forwards and then they complain when I ask them to buy The Big Issue more than once.”

He reiterated his point several times in pretty much the same words and I could almost hear everyone around me thinking that he should perhaps st*u because he was making it less and less likely for those people to walk anywhere near him ever again. Ever.

And me? Well I have just one piece of advice for Big Issue Sellers:

Don’t ask anyone whether they want to buy The Big Issue. Ever.

If I wanted to buy a copy of The Big Issue I’d walk right up to one of the fluorescent vested sellers (there’s one on every corner here in York) and say ‘how much, mate?’ Fifteen seconds later the transaction would be complete and I’d be on my way with my newly purchased example of fine professional journalism tucked under an arm.

And yeah, I know I’m being totally unreasonable – there’s no need to tell me.



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