I just watched this Ted Talk called Start With Why by Simon Sinek: https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action

This is what I got from it:

Start any communication with why you do things. Before you try to do anything, figure out why you’re going to do it and tell people about that first.

People will believe in what you believe in. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Talk about what you believe. You will attract people that believe the same thing. These are your early adopters. They want to be first. They will inspire the rest of the people; the majority.

E.g. – trying to sell TiVo:

  • “We have a machine that lets you pause live TV, rewind, record what you want when you want to.” = failure (if you start with the what they don’t believe you)
  • “Are you the kind of person who wants to control every aspect of your life? Then we have a product for you – it lets you pause live TV, rewind, record what you want when you want to.” = success (when you start with the why, then people who believe what you believe will be attracted)

If you tell people what you do, you will not inspire them but if you tell them why you do what you do then you will inspire them to follow you.

I suppose they have to believe the same thing as you first, though.

9 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Wonderful read..
    thoroughly enjoyed…

    I have been following Simon Sinek’s lessons about leadership and the simplicity with which he conveys his leadership related messages is a real treat.

    Some of the best takeaways from his numerous videos on youtube , his famous books are like:

    1) Serving those who serve others would give us fulfillment and would enable oxytocin to flow through our veins which will make us intrinsically happy

    2) Finite games v/s infinite games of game theory extended to business – Be a player of infinite games wherein you try to make yourself a better version of yourself every single day without comparing yourself with others…Going for comparisons and short term games gives birth to depression , jealously and can prevent us from giving our best

    Those who are engaged in infinite games go for advancement as opposed to comparison by those who are engaged in finite games.

    3) Nervousness v/s excitement – Deliberate practice and hard work can help transform nervousness to excitement where both have the same visible effects e.g. sweating of palms , increase of heart beat whereas the way we make use of excitement has a much more profound effect than nervousness.

    4) The symbols that we send to others in terms of the way to talk , engage will help us meet and be with people who believe in what we believe.In case we find such people they would give their blood , sweat and tear and trust would naturally flow.The basis of this is that we as human beings crave for social bonds being social animals and historically the way culture and country have been formed the same applies to formation of companies and teams as well.

    Pile on motivation..


    • Sounds like you’re a big fan of Simon Simek. Unless … are YOU Simon Sinek! Step forward, Simon – you have been unmasked!! 😀
      Hope you’re having a great day and – thanks for sharing this great advice.
      Kindness – Robert.


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