Mission Impossible – ACCOMPLISHED!

Daddy Long Legs:

cellar spider closeup photographyPhoto by Mircea Iancu on

I know daddy long legs (dll) from way back. Used to try to catch it in my cupped hands. And it’s easy to do. Kinda. Except that when you let it go again after it’s done tickling your palms, it always (always (always)) leaves behind a leg or two or three. I don’t know – maybe they’re meant to be detachable. Maybe it’s something to do with remembering and not forgetting. Who knows.

Anyways – my mission (impossible) today was to get dll out of the bathroom without detaching any of his legs.

Cue the plastic beaker and flat cardboard technique. Probably the cupped-hands method of my youth was fatally flawed.

Whop! Pop the cup over the dll. He never moved.

Sleee! Slide the cardboard slowly under the cup. Now he decides to move!

And lift! Pick up dll, cup and cardboard and carry them to the window.

Whoosh! Off he flies into the pale-blue distance of the English morning sky.

I checked the beaker. No legs!

Mission Accomplished! 😀

(And yeah, I know – it’s really a Crane Fly, but “in colloquial speech, crane flies are sometimes known as mosquito hawks or daddy longlegs” (Wikipedia))


9 thoughts on “Mission Impossible – ACCOMPLISHED!

    • Oh yes – for sure. Sometimes, when I’m walking in the wild, a bit glass jar whomps down over me, a big piece of paper slides under me and I’m carried carefully to my own house then placed carefully in my driveway. I feel that it’s incumbent on me to repay the favour. 😉
      (where the heck do these thought come from?! Do you have them too?)

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      • I’ve sealed the side of the house (next to the drive) so that the ants can go do something more productive than trying to dig into the foundations. I wonder what the universe is doing to me in recompense. Do you ever think about stuff like that (and laugh)?

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      • Ants are incorrigible and persistent. Yes, really.
        What do you think about to get yourself to sleep? I fall asleep so quickly that I have little opportunity to savour the experience. I sometimes worry that the point of death will be like that. Unsavourable, that is.

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      • I don’t think about anything in particular to lull myself to sleep. Like you, I tend to fall asleep quickly, but unlike you, I don’t worry about having little opportunity to savour the experience. Whenever I wake up and discover that I still have at least half an hour left to sleep (before the alarm goes off), I savour slipping effortlessly back into slumber.


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