Writing – Why Bother!

A.S. (Ante Scriptum): I’m playing Devil’s Advocate here in the hope that you will ‘rage, rage against the dying of the light.’

It’s a simple fact the there are more fiction books in existence now than one person could possibly read in a lifetime. Add to this the supposition that all plots, themes and genres have been thoroughly explored, and you surely come to the conclusion that no-one need write anything ‘new’ for a long, long time.

In the face of this inescapable logic and the ocean of printed matter we have, surely it’s time to gather a huge pile of our favourite tomes, find somewhere cosy, and just curl up to read all those lovely books.

My question is: what techniques can we use to motivate ourselves to exercise our creative writing spirit when it’s all been done before and in such volume?


12 thoughts on “Writing – Why Bother!

  1. Yes why bother but since you asked the question my mind is running its train of thoughts at a speed and velocity I can’t calculate.
    I read it somewhere that the probably is full of discoveries and not inventions. Consider this- The legendary invention of railway tracks was in fact wasn’t an invention but plagarised idea. Which brings us to a conclusion that the idea of constructing railway tracks happened when men saw the leftover marks and impact on the muddy ground by the wheels of a horse carriage probably. Through that they build up the measurements of the tracks, the distance and one idea led to the other. Every idea of creation has a driven fact prior to it, wheather we know it or not.
    Talking of techniques, I can’t recall anything I ever thought to motivate creative writing but naturally the spirit of writing more that too creative is reading. Not just reading but also analysing and making conclusions. When we read for pleasure we can’t really create ourselves because pleasure wouod be something dominating our ideas but when we read for knowledge and squeezing the nectar out of our reading material we probably would be more prone to create new. Other than that observation helps alot, unstable mind may also be a factor to create, travelling and exploring things solo is very beneficial to create without much external influence of ideas. People who seriously want to create already have the spirit of it inside them from time to time with ups and downs of zest.

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    • That’s probably one of the most creatively beautiful things I’ve read from you. Thanks for sharing the train speed thoughts of your mind. It must have been hard to chase after them, catch them and put them down on paper. What do you do when you have too many thoughts in your mind and you just can’t sleep? It must be difficult for you. I imagine you must have things that you do to distract yourself from your own thinking just so that you can relax. Please tell me your hints and tips for winding down at night. 🙂


      • Yeah it is. I am still not good at catching it. It’s blur 😁
        Well I have this situation everyday or alternate days when I can’t sleep due to thoughts in mind. To make it stop I usually wash my legs and let it dry by the air. Then I mostly sleep early with this method. It helped me a lot. Other than that the most beneficial method is to jot down the thoughts on my journal or for faster writeup on the notes app in my device. That’s how I sleep after making my thoughts sleep on paper. Try it I am sure it helps. When you lay those thoughts you may feel empty and fresh or more than that sleepy 😄. Tell me if it helps. Do you have your own way through this?

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      • I’ve never tried washing my legs and air-drying them. That sounds very interesting. I wonder why that works so well?
        Journals are more like my style. I used to write all the time before I slept. Lists of things that are on my mind cease to tickle me when I give them to the paper.
        Mostly, I just lay down my head and sleep within seconds. I’m clear. I’m gone.


      • I don’t know myself. It happened one day and it worked and since then I have been obsessed doing that. If you try tell me if it works for you, so I may get relived that I ain’t a weirdo.
        Journals are the most effective way, yes. I do it too.

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      • We had a hot spell here recently and it’s only now starting to cool down a little. But even through that I was able to sleep easily. I think that maybe I midify my temperature from the inside (means that I adjust my experience of it) and so it doesn’t bother me if my legs are wet or dry.
        You are not a weirdo except that when you say you are so. 🙂


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