I Write Like a Girl

I’m not sure what to make of this, but I apparently write like a female!

I found a website (GenderAnalyzer_v5) that promises to analyse writing and classify it according to whether it was more likely to have been written by a male or a female.

So I thought I’d give it a try. I took the text from a few of my blog posts (Writing – Why Bother!Saturday So Far and Advice from and for Big Issue Sellers) and pumped it into the machine.

Turns out the I’m between 65% and 68% likely to be a girl!

Like I say – I don’t really know how to take that.


14 thoughts on “I Write Like a Girl

    • Maybe it’s to do with the vocabulary that you express the gristle with. 🙂 You probably express the emotional side of the event rather than the visceral physicality of it all. Just guessing really. 🙂 How you doing within yourself these days?

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      • I wondered about that. If it’s vocabulary or perspective they’re looking at. Guess I can’t help it, I seem firmly entrenched in female! I am great, thanks for asking. Leaving for Las Vegas on Tuesday where it will be in the 100s each day! Then one day at the Grand Canyon. And if I win a ton of money I’ll come visit England!

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  1. Female female.. oops all get female?! Wait guys. I think there is some problem in the robo 🤔

    Well idk what it says male or female.. but i love your blog!
    How have you been! 😃 Loooong timee! 😊😊🤗🤗

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