Reading in the Real World

I found an interesting post on Damyanti’s Blog, which features her sharing with the world how much she reads online and then, at the end, asking several questions. These are my answers:

What about you?
I read as I walk. Paper-books in the summer, e-books in the winter (it’s dark) and audio-books when it rains (too wet for paper). I go online at work. Mostly work-related stuff. The time I spend online at home is split between movies (Amazon Prime) and studying (an MA in Creative Writing with the OU). I have a phone that I listen to BBC One Xtra on and catch up with my blog, email etc. I also make extensive notes on what I read using Google Keep and Docs. And in-between (means, in the gaps between) these things – I live my life.
How much time do you spend online, doing what?
All day and most of the evening. Oh gosh, that’s too much. Eek. Most of it is work (I’m a Software Developer by day). The next big tranche is study. And the rest is information exchange and entertainment.
How has that changed your life from that of your parents, for example?
My parents? They were young before the internet were invented. So it’s changed a lot. I remember my mom reading (more so now) when I was a kid, but not much. My dad just worked – period.
How much of your reading is online, and does that affect your offline reading?
Most of my reading is offline. If you saw the boxes of books in the attic (and on the shelves and in the drawers and in bags under my desk and scattered across every surface) you would freak!! I prefer reading paper and so that keeps me off the net somewhat.
Does it matter?
Does what matter? Reading paper as compared to online? Yes. There’s something about the physicality of books I like. The way you can put your finger on a place, when you’re distracted and, it still be there when you look back at the page. If you try that on a smartphone you’ll find that you’ve skipped to another place by the time you look down again.
What would you wish online reading were like?
Hmm. Interesting. Probably some experience that takes more advantage of computing tech. Like, it visualises the text for me. Shows me the images. But then again – what would my brain do? Isn’t that my mind’s job? Or alternatively – maybe brain implants could trigger emotions, that ones that the author intended, as I read. I don’t think we’re there yet. Tech is still trying to catch up with the paper experience. It’ll be a while before it comes level and goes ahead. Looking forward to it, though.

Have a nice day.


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